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After speaking with cats owners across Asia who faces financial constraints but are determined to save their cats,  we created Basmi Care™ program.

Under the Basmi Care™ program cat owners can use public fundraising platforms to raise money for the purchase of GS-441524 for FIP treatment.  When you use the donation fund to purchase our treatment, we will provide an equal value donation in the form of treatment to you.  


Example: After you have raised sufficient money to buy 1 vial.  You can send us the money and a proof of the fundraised for the vial. We will send you 2 vials.

How the Program Works:

  1. Register a public crowdfunding account, and start a campaign.

  2. Share your campaign with friends and family via social media, calls, and emails.

  3. When you have raised enough money to purchase vials, WhatsApp us at +60 11 5412 8571 to inform us you want to make purchase.

  4. Send us your campaign link and proof of withdraw

  5. Go to to place an order.  

  6. We will ship your order within 24 hours.

*To qualify for this program, we will only accept public crowdfunding platforms.

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