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Feline Infectious Peritonitis, a.k.a. FIP is a viral infection that afflicts an estimated 1~2% of the global feline population annually.  FIP is fatal if untreated, with an estimated mortality rate of ~96%.  


A medical breakthrough was made when U.S. researchers discovered the effectiveness of using the antiviral drug GS-441524 to treat FIP.  In the past 4 years, increasing number of doctors are using GS-441524 to treat FIP, and its use has spread globally, saving countless cats.

At BASMI FIP™, we are working tirelessly to bring this effective FIP treatment to cat owners and veterinary professionals across Asia, so that they may use it to save the lives of their cats.

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Noida, IN

help us save toffee

Hello, We are trying to save Toffee, our street cat who eats and sleeps in our home and has been in and out of surgeries during last 6 months. Unfortunately, Toffee has three active viral infections. One of those being the Feline Infectious Peritonitis. A viral infection that becomes serious in less than 1% of the cats, and is a cause of greater worry in Toffee's case. He was diagnosed with its dry form on 2nd March 2022. Toffee is on support treatment to prevent secondary infections that are likely when a virus attacks any living being. But that can only help him for a maximum of one year if we do not treat his FIP with anti-virals. We are a multi-cat household and we feed and take care of additional cats in the colony on our own. We manage their expenses on our own. However, Toffee's treatment is expensive and we would need the help of kind donors like yourself to provide him with the BASMI antivirals and give him a fighting chance at this because he is currently admitted in the critical care unit of a multispeciality hospital in Delhi with per day charges of a minimum of INR 5,000. With the support treatment that is being given to him we are trying to improve his anemia because his blood count dropped to 3.5 on 2nd March. We request you to please help us during this time and make it possible for Toffee to get the BASMI antivirals which will give him an 89% chance at surviving FIP.

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