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For cats owners across Asia that face financial constraints, but are determined to save their cats, we created the BASMI CARE™ program.

Under our BASMI CARE™ program, cat owners can use our public fund-raising platform or any 3rd party public fundraising platforms to help finance their cat(s)' FIP treatment. When you spend publicly raised fund to purchase FIP treatment on our website, you receive a matching donation, in the form of FIP treatment, from Basmi FIP™ India of equal value.


Example: You publicly raised enough fund to buy 1 vial of BASMI FIP™ antiviral injection. We send you 2 vials.

How the Program Works:
1.  Create an account at​ or another publicly accredited crowdfunding platform to start a campaign.
2.  Share your campaign link with friends and family via social media and emails to generate awareness and ask for help.
3.  When you have raised enough money to purchase any of our treatments, message or call us via WhatsApp (60 11 5413 0353) to inform us you want to make a purchase.

4. If you are using an 3rd party fundraising platform, please send us your campaign link and proof of withdrawal.
5.  Go to to place an order.  
6.  We will ship your order within 24 hours.